Fitzdares was founded to reinvent old-fashioned principes of unparalleled service and absolute discretion. In an increasingly humdrum marketplace, Fitzdares offers the best sporting experience be it Fixed Odds or Spread Betting, for the discerning gambler.

At heart, we believe the relationship with your bookmarker should be akin to the one you might have with your priest, or bank manager.

Spread Betting

The more right you are, the more money you win. This is the premise behind spread betting, and the reason so many punters find it such a rewarding way to bet. Uncapped gains and losses keep the adrenaline flowing, while the variety of in-running markets mean you can keep trading your positions as the event unfolds.

Your call will be answered efficiently and informatively by the same kindred sports fanatics who take your fixed-odds bets.

Fitzdares Exclusive

if your bet lands within our spread, money back!

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