50 Davies Street, Mayfair | Naunton Downs, Gloucestershire

A home for the sports fan.

The Fitzdares Club has two permanent homes, with our flagship location in Mayfair and a brand-new spot at Naunton Downs in Gloucestershire. Not only is it right on trainer Ben Pauling’s doorstep but we also have an 18 hole golf course.

The Club also has a summer residency at the Churchill Box at Windsor Racecourse and a pop-up at the Cheltenham Festival.

Where sport is the furniture.

Our state-of-the-art televisions adorn every Club wall, showing live sport throughout the day. You can watch anything on request, although the Racing Room is dedicated exclusively to the Sport of Kings.

At Windsor, the views of the winning post are exceptional, while our Cheltenham Festival pop-up offers members a chance to breathe in between races.

Tasty walls and tastier food.

A delicious menu, full of home comforts, is available to order from the Club’s restaurant, bar or private rooms at our Mayfair, Naunton Downs and Windsor Clubs.

It can be a tough choice between the Beef Wellington or the Club Sandwich, although the fresh fish usually catches the eye. As for the wine, our Club sommelier is often at hand to offer his advice.

Settle into a private hideaway.

Book one of our intimate rooms for a game of poker, a dinner with friends or just the chance to watch a game in peace and quiet. All the rooms are free of charge.

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