Q&A with David Redvers

David Redvers is the Racing Manager to Sheikh Fahad and Qatar Racing, and owner of Tweenhills Stud.

How has Coronavirus affected daily life at Tweenhills and the natural rhythms of a stallion farm?

Not greatly I’m glad to say. We’ve all got cracked hands from over washing and alcohol hand rubs and the team have more cash in their pockets from ever before due to the pubs being shut! Joking aside, we are blessed to be living and working in the countryside and very conscious of how lucky we are in that regard.

Realistically, when do you expect horse racing to return behind closed doors?

When the lockdown ends whenever that is. Hopefully early May and then the season proper starting a fortnight later.

What are your hopes for the year?

Kameko to follow in Roaring Lion’s footsteps would be a good start! Watching the Roaring Lion and Zoustar foals develop will be a treat but we need horseracing and results on the track so the sooner we get back the better.

Name the most successful broodmare associated with Tweenhills.

Most of our mares are young and I have several favourites but I’m very fond of Lightening Pearl as she was Sh Fahad’s first Gr1 winner and has already bred 2 stakes horses including Lightening Quick who is a Gr3 winner by Frankel. I adore her yearling by Deep Impact who I believe will make a stunning addition to the team.

You enjoy endurance challenges and as a fearless rider out with your local Hunt, what is your most exhilarating sporting experience?

A close one between finally running a sub-three-hour marathon and riding my first point to point winner, both in 2017. Let’s say I was a late developer!!

You have strong views about the marketing of racing, and with Sheikh Fahad created the QIPCO Champions Series in an effort to support the wider marketing of the sport. What more needs to be done?

The future of our sport is quite obviously with the young. We need to actively engage them and we have made giant strides through the Pony Club and Qipco British Champions Day. Much more needs to be done to make racing relevant to them and that is where we need to be concentrating efforts.

Will there be any long-term effects of Coronavirus on the racing industry?

It would seem unlikely that the world is not going to go into a general recession as a result of Coronavirus. Racing has historically fared pretty well in recessions but undoubtedly the middle and lower markets look likely to be hit for six if we do not restart racing quickly and the lockdown continues. Our greatest concerns are that the economic impact of this spring will take a greater toll than the virus itself. It is imperative that we get working and racing not a second later than is absolutely necessary.

Who would you back in our leading first season sire market at the prices?

I think this is the most open year for a long while. For me, it’s between Territories and Shalaa on consistent types with a sneaky e/w bet at massive prices (if you’re paying a place!) on The Last Lion and Pearl Secret! View market.


Q. Dream alternate career?
A. Something in fine art or wine.

Q. Which sport do you miss the most (other than racing)?
A. Rugby during the winter and cricket now.

Q. How are you keeping fit?
A. Running in the morning and endless walking around the paddocks checking stock.

Q. Career highlight?
A. Finding Roaring Lion.

Q. Career disappointment?
A. Losing Roaring Lion.

Q. Three words to describe you?
A. Has great team.

Q. Derby or Arc?
A. Derby.

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